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Portfolio February 24th, 2016


This is a breakdown of my portfolio including performance, asset allocation, sector allocation and holdings (1% of portfolio minimum) at the end of the day February 24, 2016. Performance: includes dividends and exchange to Canadian dollars for U.S. account.  Here are our returns to date along with the S&P 500 and the Canadian Market represented […]

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Portfolio Allocation Decision: Diversify, Diworsify or Concentrate

portfolio strategy

From the time I have started investing I have been diversifying my portfolio significantly holding 40 to 50 stocks with all positions under 5% of the portfolio. This is what they tell you you should do and this is what I did. Diversification is supposed to protect downdraft but what about upside? I really needed […]

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5 Savings and 1 Revenue Changes to Meet Retirement Income


Earlier, in the website I wrote on saving money to have money to invest. I recently retired from a six figure job and now have to spend according to my income. There is a decrease of $1,850 from my working after taxes income. Here are 5 savings I initiated. Cutting Cable TV – I used to […]

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My Investing Strategies

Investing strategies

As I said before these are my choices for investing my money. I am not an adviser so this is not a recommendation but rather a story of how I do my investing.  If any of this interests you please do your due diligence to determine your own choices for allocating your money. The market […]

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