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Apple Computers: Time to be Greedy While others are Fearful

Apple iBook and iPhne

It appears the market is afraid of a possible slowdown in Apple’s (AAPL) growth in their next earnings and has dropped the stock from the $130s in 2015  to below $94 in Feb of 2016 for a drop of 20%. In my opinion this is shortsighted and speculating rather than investing. It is time for […]

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Six Things I Look For in a Dividend Stock

finding dividend stocks

Finding a great dividend growth stock will pay off for years to come. Investors who bought MacDonalds (MCD) in 1990 would find their dividend paying well over 50% on their original investment every year since 2010. Also the company continues to raise it’s dividend so this return keeps growing regardless of what the stock price […]

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Retirement Planning is not All Financial

plan your retirement activities

Deciding to retire is a big step. One has to make sure there is enough money to live on and afford to do things one wants to do once they are not working. I have talked to retired people who do not know what to do with themselves and the extra time they have. It […]

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