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Hi I am Doug Taylor a do it yourself investor living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.  StockStory follows my investing history, lessons, strategies and investments. It is a great site if you are starting out and want some leads on how to start and pitfalls to avoid. I also would like you to share your ideas in the comments sections. Our sharing can make us all better investors.

The Start Here Tab covers me, my history with the stock market and covers things I learned plus my investment strategies.

I also cover off the resources I use such as GuruFocus, Seeking Alpha, other websites and books. It’s follows my experience and learning and is not meant for financial advice just maybe food for thought and info for those investing for them selves or thinking about investing on their own.

The rest of the site is a blog that consists of posts of my opinions and ideas of the market along with my allocation of resources to and from equities, fixed income and cash. Generally the site is value oriented and does place emphasis on dividends and dividend growth. Most investments have dividends but not all.

The Start Here Tab drops down into the following information. I believe going through each of the areas here is essential to understand who I am and what this is about:

The Who Am I? section gives information on myself. I am a recreation enthusiast who also loves researching the business that are traded publicly in North America. I am not an investment professional and this site is more of a story about my experiences. If they have any meaning to you please do your own due diligence.

Story, explains the educational journey I took from the time I joined the investing club to now. It will include an overview on some different investing styles such as technical analysis, macro economic and value investing ending with how I discovered value investing made the most sense to me.

Lessons, here I will go over the general ideas I learned about value investing. Again, I am not a financial advisor so please do your own due diligence. This is an orientation that hopefully will give you some information to pursue do it your self investing.   I will illustrate at various ways I personally use value investing including:

The next tab is Resources, I will go over, in detail, the resources I have found to be most useful. This will include reviews of famous investors, books and websites I use in my investing. I do make them available through this website and if you buy or join them it helps keep this going.

After that there are categories for Gurus, StocksMarket,Portfolio and other which under will be ongoing posts in a blog format and latest posts will show on the home page.

Comments, all articles and blogs give you the opportunity to provide respectful feedback. Often on stock articles I like to see the comments because they sometimes give the counter point of view on an investment or point of view.

Also feel free to contact me if you feel you have content that would fit in here.




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StockStory is not a financial advice site and content should not be considered for investment recommendations.

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