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Why Investing for Myself? (video)

Why invest for myself

Two videos covering four great reasons why I invest for myself. Compares mutual funds, etf’s and stockpicking. Do it yourself investing does not have to be hard and even using low cost etf’s can help returns.     Story on why invest for myself

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Welcome to StockStory (video)

Welcome to StockStory

  Introduction to Doug and experience in value investing with an overview of value investing learned from experience and from reading resources like Intelligent Investor book. References included to Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham and David Tepper Lessons learned and about site.

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Apple Computers: Time to be Greedy While others are Fearful

Apple iBook and iPhne

It appears the market is afraid of a possible slowdown in Apple’s (AAPL) growth in their next earnings and has dropped the stock from the $130s in 2015  to below $94 in Feb of 2016 for a drop of 20%. In my opinion this is shortsighted and speculating rather than investing. It is time for […]

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Six Things I Look For in a Dividend Stock

finding dividend stocks

Finding a great dividend growth stock will pay off for years to come. Investors who bought MacDonalds (MCD) in 1990 would find their dividend paying well over 50% on their original investment every year since 2010. Also the company continues to raise it’s dividend so this return keeps growing regardless of what the stock price […]

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Retirement Planning is not All Financial

plan your retirement activities

Deciding to retire is a big step. One has to make sure there is enough money to live on and afford to do things one wants to do once they are not working. I have talked to retired people who do not know what to do with themselves and the extra time they have. It […]

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Portfolio February 24th, 2016


This is a breakdown of my portfolio including performance, asset allocation, sector allocation and holdings (1% of portfolio minimum) at the end of the day February 24, 2016. Performance: includes dividends and exchange to Canadian dollars for U.S. account.  Here are our returns to date along with the S&P 500 and the Canadian Market represented […]

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Portfolio Allocation Decision: Diversify, Diworsify or Concentrate

portfolio strategy

From the time I have started investing I have been diversifying my portfolio significantly holding 40 to 50 stocks with all positions under 5% of the portfolio. This is what they tell you you should do and this is what I did. Diversification is supposed to protect downdraft but what about upside? I really needed […]

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5 Savings and 1 Revenue Changes to Meet Retirement Income


Earlier, in the website I wrote on saving money to have money to invest. I recently retired from a six figure job and now have to spend according to my income. There is a decrease of $1,850 from my working after taxes income. Here are 5 savings I initiated. Cutting Cable TV – I used to […]

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