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My Investing Strategies

Investing strategies

As I said before these are my choices for investing my money. I am not an adviser so this is not a recommendation but rather a story of how I do my investing.  If any of this interests you please do your due diligence to determine your own choices for allocating your money. The market […]

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Portfolio January 15th, 2016

Do it yourself investing

Here is a breakdown of my portfolio including performance, asset allocation, sector allocation and holdings (2% of portfolio minimum) at the end of the day January 15, 2016. Performance: includes dividends and exchange to Canadian dollars for U.S. account. The allocation helps the portfolio reduce the downdraft compared to fully invested. Of course it means […]

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Added to China Yuchai International in November

China Yuchai International

This month I added 25% to my position of China Yuchai International Limited (CYD) on November 10th. This stock is now 4.7% of my portfolio The purchase was at $12.03 per share in US$and the stock price at the time of this post is $12.13.  My next buy point will be if it comes down below $8.00.  In summary China […]

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Added to TransGlobe Energy in November

TransGlobe Energy

This month I added 42% to my position of TransGlobe Energy (TSX:TGL) on November 11th. This stock also trades on the Nasdaq as (TGA). I purchase on the Toronto Stock Exchange because I want to save my US funds for american stocks. This stock is now 2.2% of my portfolio.  I bought in at $3.35 a share […]

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Analyzing Market Risk

Analyzing Market Risk

Market Risk: Market risk is the challenge of the overall market and unpredictable price swings. I can select good companies and still have them pulled down with a market correction or crash. The Stock market is on the short-term emotional and inefficient. Stocks fluctuate on news stories everyday and this is what creates buying and selling opportunities.Managing these […]

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Seven Points of Due Diligence to Improve Risk and Reward Ratio

price is what you pay value is what you get

Fair to great value stocks are harder to find when the general market is over-valued and easy to find during crashes. It requires patience to not jump into overvalued situations and the nerve to jump into undervalued situations. This is harder than it sounds because you are going against popular opinion. It is going against the popular decision that […]

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