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Who Am I?


My name is Doug Taylor, I live in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. and I am not a financial advisor.  I love tennis, skiing, kayaking and other recreation activities. I also love investing my own savings in stocks and ETF’s.

I always was curious about the stock market but did not know how to get started and was worried about losing my money due to inexperience. Here I will show my different attempts to invest and show what I found for me to be the best way to manage my money. The ongoing blog posts will show what I am doing now and how it is working.

This site is not meant to give financial advice but rather share what I learned and how I came to focus on a value oriented investing style. If this motivates you I urge you to do your own due diligence to learn and find your own best investing strategy. It may be like mine or customized to meet your own personality and goals. The site will attempt to describe things in a simple style such as how Warren Buffet explains his investing and I will use his quotes from time to time.

After wandering around unsuccessfully with technical analysis and momentum strategies for 10 years I began contrarian value investing in 2010 but had to pull my self out of debt which I did by 2011. Since then until now (Dec 2014) my results have tracked the S&P fairly closely and handily beaten the Toronto stock exchange.

I  have been a little behind the S&P for the last two years (2013/2014) because I am hedging for what I consider an overvalued market. I have held a large cash and fixed income position to protect my capital because I feel the market is overvalued.  My portfolio still goes up when the whole market goes up but not as much as the S&P500 indexe but at times when there is market volatility my portfolio outperformed the S&P.

As a result I have averaged double digit returns since 2012 and I feel I am hedged for any type of downturn.  I expect to preserve capital to purchase quality companies selling at a discount after  market valuations have corrected.

I got my first taste of investing in an investment group in 1999. That year our portfolio gained 66%. I started figuring out how long it would take me to retire but then the dot com crash in 2000 changed all that and we lost much of our money.

From there I tried many different strategies for investing before finding a place of comfort and confidence with value investing. This site will outline the trials of my journey to understand how I became and now invest as a value oriented DIY investor.

I will share my value and dividend investing strategies and share them in my real investing as well.


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I retired on October 2, 2015 and work had me sing a song. It is here if you want a laugh:)


StockStory is not a financial advice site and content should not be considered for investment recommendations.

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