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GuruFocus is by far my most significant source of information on stocks and on high profile and successful fund managers. I subscribe to it to give me me:

Some of the things are free without a subscription but many key items require what I consider a small and reasonable investment to get education and information to be successful in investing. I first bought the US subscription which I used to learn about the different styles of the most successful managers.

A big plus for me was when they added the Canadian gurus, stocks and exchanges to the research available . I had troubles finding adequate information on Canadian stocks in other websites. Most of the Canadian websites were limited information and many of the other websites from the states only cover Canadian stocks that are traded on the U.S. exchanges limiting the scope of quality research I could do for Canadian Companies. This feature costs some extra but is well worth it. For the $538 American dollars annually I pay I have been getting much more back in my portfolio returns which I give a lot of credit to this website.

There are subscriptions for a number of countries but I chose the two markets my RBC online brokerage gives me access to.

If you are interested in visiting GuruFocus click on the banner below. They also will give you a free 7 day trial for the subscription service.



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