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7 points of Due Diligence (videos)

7 points of Due Diligence (video)

Here I outline the 7 points of Due Diligence when selecting a business to invest in. It goes over the 7 points which are financial health of a companies balance sheet, cash flow generation of a company, stock valuation ratios, fair value of a companies stock, dividend evaluation, qualitative information and technical analysis. The full […]

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Six Things I Look For in a Dividend Stock

finding dividend stocks

Finding a great dividend growth stock will pay off for years to come. Investors who bought MacDonalds (MCD) in 1990 would find their dividend paying well over 50% on their original investment every year since 2010. Also the company continues to raise it’s dividend so this return keeps growing regardless of what the stock price […]

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Added to China Yuchai International in November

China Yuchai International

This month I added 25% to my position of China Yuchai International Limited (CYD) on November 10th. This stock is now 4.7% of my portfolio The purchase was at $12.03 per share in US$and the stock price at the time of this post is $12.13.  My next buy point will be if it comes down below $8.00.  In summary China […]

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Added to TransGlobe Energy in November

TransGlobe Energy

This month I added 42% to my position of TransGlobe Energy (TSX:TGL) on November 11th. This stock also trades on the Nasdaq as (TGA). I purchase on the Toronto Stock Exchange because I want to save my US funds for american stocks. This stock is now 2.2% of my portfolio.  I bought in at $3.35 a share […]

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