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7 points of Due Diligence (videos)

7 points of Due Diligence (video)

Here I outline the 7 points of Due Diligence when selecting a business to invest in. It goes over the 7 points which are financial health of a companies balance sheet, cash flow generation of a company, stock valuation ratios, fair value of a companies stock, dividend evaluation, qualitative information and technical analysis. The full […]

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Added to TransGlobe Energy in November

TransGlobe Energy

This month I added 42% to my position of TransGlobe Energy (TSX:TGL) on November 11th. This stock also trades on the Nasdaq as (TGA). I purchase on the Toronto Stock Exchange because I want to save my US funds for american stocks. This stock is now 2.2% of my portfolio.  I bought in at $3.35 a share […]

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Seven Points of Due Diligence to Improve Risk and Reward Ratio

price is what you pay value is what you get

Fair to great value stocks are harder to find when the general market is over-valued and easy to find during crashes. It requires patience to not jump into overvalued situations and the nerve to jump into undervalued situations. This is harder than it sounds because you are going against popular opinion. It is going against the popular decision that […]

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